Tuesday, March 12, 2013

shop your house and organize yourself

Use containers from around the house to organize your life in beautiful and simple ways. Chances are..you already own what you'll need to get started. You don't have to hide what you use everyday. Keep it in plain sight in pretty containers. Try to find bowls, plates,  jars, and  tins that are similar in color and group them together. That way you space won't look cluttered. 
I've listed some idea's of ways I've used everyday kitchen bowls etc for use in my bathroom to help organized a super busy hub.  Remember,  think outside the box ;)

A vase for brushes
Creamer for short brushes
Condiment containers for q-tips or cotton pads
Kitchen bowls for toilet paper 
Tart Pan for headbands  
Flour Jars for Sea Sponges

Have fun and notice how beautiful and charming your space becomes

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